Frequently asked questions                                                                   DSC_0324

Does Touch and Help wristbnad need a battery replacement?

No, it does not need a battery to function. It works with a totally different technology that is based on induced electricity.

What kind of a smartphone do I need to read data in a wristband?

There are more technologies. In the case you want to read the unique QR code of the wristband, you only need to download a QR reader application to your smartphone. These are free applications provided by either IPhone’s App Store or Androids Google Play store.

NFC technology works with smaprtphones that are capeable of using this art of communication. From the year 2014 all smartphones are supposed to have this feature, and it needs to be turned on to be able to get data from a wristband.

Do I need to have internet connection when using the wristband?

If you have purchased the product, you need to have an internet connection provide data for uploading. We have thought of situations when you might not have internet communication on your smaprtphone (e.g. roaming on a holiday), you can also upload offline information that can be seen without an internet connection, too.

With what kind of a marker can I write on the wristband as a user?

We provide a marker specialised for the silicone material of the bracelet. If you lose this marker, an alcohol marker will perfectly do.

What language will the webpage display?

Those languages will be displayed in which countries distribution is already working.

Where can I buy one Touch and Help wristband?

You can purchase in our webshop or by clicking here, you can see the list of our distributors.

How does it react to heavy wear?

It is 100% water and shockproof. The Touch and Help wristband can perfectly bear the challenges of everyday use or even a playground.