When thinking of the safety of your relatives, you might get the idea of tracking, but till now no solution has been discovered that is cheap, can be worn easily, integrates three different technologies, does not depend on a battery and is not bigger than a simple bracelet. We have found this solution and we invite you to take a tour and get to know it.

We live on the shores of Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s biggest lake situated in Hungary. On nearly every day of the holiday season we meet stray kids’ desperate parents or even poeple struggling to find their elderly relatives with some mental disabilities. Parents are looking for their children panic-stricken, who has been already found by someone. The missing link is often the information to make contact between the lost relative and their family. These emergency situations inspired us to create the product, which has already started to conquer the world with sophisticated software background support and three data reading options.

We want to help those who might need help in the future!