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Provides vital information in emergency

Helpful in case of a lost child, relative, elderly person, or pet.

The lifesaver wristband

· online & offline data
· touch with mobile device for info
· smartphone app
· unique QR code
· system registered
· sends email with coordinates
· low price, no subscription fee
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Touch and Help wristband

Easy to set and use

No battery needed

Integrates 3 technologies

Water and shockproof

Cutting-edge technology

Three in One! You can use the NFC function of your smartphone, scan the unique QR code or even read hand-written data for online and offline information of a person in need of help.

When can it help?

In cases of emergency. Children, elderly people or even our pets might get into a certain situation when data of their environment or relatives can save their lives.


Our wristband is made of the highest quality durable medical silicone, it is water-resistant and shock-proof, no battery is required. It has a long working life and very easy to use.

Simple and safe data upload

Activate your wristband by logging in with your e-mail and password, and you are ready to start with uploading data that you think is important. Either vital or contact information, pictures, anything that might help in emergency.

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